Episode #10: Finishing Strong

While you might worry about the financial aspect of retirement planning, your mentality toward retirement is just as important. Sean explains.

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The View From The Pinnacle

While you might worry about the financial aspect of retirement planning, your mentality toward retirement is just as important. Sean explains.

Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

[00:22] – We focus so much on the numbers when we plan for retirement, and of course, that’s an important element of retirement planning. However, your mentality toward retirement is just as important.

[2:14] – Your mentality toward retirement is crucial. Retirement means different things to different people, and you need to determine what you want out of retirement before you can plan for it.

[3:08] – Transitioning into retirement is tough. We put our identity into our work. Once we step out of the office, we have to find our new identity.

[5:02] – The average American works 2,500 hours in a year. Once you retire, you’re going to have to find something to do with that time. You want to live a purposeful retirement. Consider your goals and dreams for your newfound time.

7:45 – When you want to prepare for something, you train. Do the same as you mentally prepare to retire. Check your mentality, and get your head right.

8:39 – As you’re watching a game, you want your team to finish strong. Your retirement is no different. As you approach your last years in the office, finish strong. Give yourself clarity over your financial future by putting a plan together.

10:58 – The most successful retirees have put together a successful team to help them along the way. Find an estate planning attorney, a CPA, and an investment advisor who can help you accomplish your goals.

Looking Back From The Mountaintop

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As a trusted professional in Utah, Sean has been featured in The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, The Deseret News, The Salt Lake Tribune and USA Today. He has also been featured as a local financial advisor on Utah’s NBC station, KSL 5.

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