2020 End of Year Planning Ideas

The View From The Pinnacle

As we near the end of the year, let’s talk about what has been happening and what it means for our financial plan. From the election to COVID to saving vs. spending, Sean reflects on what’s been going on in our country.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

This year has been a challenging one for many of us. As it winds down, we reflect on what’s happened and address what may come. As we face different changes, what are some of the positives that may happen as a result?

What does the election tell us from a financial standpoint and how has the market responded? What would Biden’s plan do to taxes in the future? Will the price of goods and services raise? Consider also, the proposed plan may pass or it may be caught in a gridlock between the House and Senate.

COVID has been seeing more spikes lately, which may cause more lockdowns. What will this mean for our finances? Some ended up spending less money, some have lost their jobs. What does it look like in Utah? Sean shares what his clients and community have experienced thus far this year financially speaking.

Once this is over, will you still be a saver? Or will you be ready to jump right back in to travel and a lifestyle you’ve been missing lately? The pandemic has changed financial plans for some of us, but the future is yet to be seen. If you’ve spent less this year, what might you be able to do with that money piling up into a savings account later on?

[1:02] – How is the market reacting to the election? 

[2:49] – What tax prep should you be doing now?

[5:05] – COVID is spiking all over the country and world.

[7:10] – What kind of spending might happen in the future?

[9:01] – Should we be reinvesting our savings or holding onto it?


Looking Back From The Mountaintop

“As long as your income levels didn’t change a lot, and as long as you didn’t stress out the investment strategies, and you had a clearly defined plan on how to create your income…we’re going to go into 2021 ready to rock.

-Sean Lee


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