Baseball and Financial Planning with John Buck

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What do baseball and financial planning have in common? In addition to Sean’s love for both, you may find that the mindset is often similar. On today’s show we get to talk with John Buck to hear how his experience as a player relates to financial planning.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

It’s no secret that Sean and his family are players and big fans of baseball. To have a bit of fun, we talk with MLB player John Buck who reminisces about his time on the field and then compares baseball to the world of finance.

From hitting home runs to running a business to planning for retirement, there are a lot of similarities in terms of thinking strategically.

What is your game plan? Are you playing on the offense or only thinking about the defense? Are you working closely with your team and making sure you see eye-to-eye?

This sort of success doesn’t just happen all of sudden. There is a lot of prep work and planning before any game. Later, you may find you need to make adjustments, be it with the pitcher in baseball or in retirement. Are you watching for what’s coming up ahead? You want to end the game strong. Is your mental state in the right place for you to have the stamina to make it through the game?

Whether you are an avid baseball plan or wondering how to plan for your future, you’re sure to get something out of this podcast.

Listen to the full episode as John shares many of his experiences in the major leagues or click on the timestamps below to hear a specific segment.

[0:34] – John Buck joins the podcast today and shares about his time playing baseball.

[6:06] – What is John up to now?

[11:39] – What is your game plan or blueprint for success?

[15:55] – Game prep for the next game before you get there.

[18:29] – Adjustments sometimes have to be made.

[20:20] – What is coming up?

[22:14] – Your goal is to prepare for what is to come.

[24:41] – Your decisions in the end can make the biggest difference.

[26:29] – Why is your mental state key to winning?

[35:22] – How is John helping the community?


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