Being Proactive With Your Financial Plan During a Pandemic

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Coronavirus has caused the markets to correct. It’s also caused a lot of fear. What should you do? Let’s talk about taking a proactive approach to your finances during this turbulent time. 

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Are you feeling fearful of the impact of coronavirus on the market? Or are you looking for ways to be proactive with your financial plan? On this episode of Retirement Elevated, Sean shares how you can move forward in these unprecedented times.

While there were market crashes in times like 2008 or 2002, Sean says this doesn’t look the same. He talks about the main differences between 2008 and 2020 in terms of inflation, unemployment, and debt. Right now, there is low corporate and consumer debt, which leads us to believe that comparatively these are very different times. With a pandemic, the thought is that markets correct quickly and markets recover quickly.

The fear that is out there comes down to uncertainty. There’s not a reason to be fearful, there’s reason to take action. Now is as good a time as any to build a plan. Do not let fear drive an emotional decision, but take the time to go out and find an advisor that can help you build a clearly defined plan that has purpose.

Have you done a stress-test? It’s important to know if you feel comfortable with your exposure to risk. Consider the opportunity at hand. Now is a great time to be proactive! Don’t be afraid to make adjustments to your plan, but make sure you have a plan.

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[0:46] – What kind of opportunity is there in the market?

[2:55] – What fundamental issues do not change when it comes to planning?

[4:29] – Have a stress-test done. Are you prepared?

[7:03] – Take action!

[8:28] – There’s volatility in the market, but also good buying opportunities.


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