Common 401K Mistakes

The View From The Pinnacle

Have a 401(k)? They can be a great tool to have, let’s talk about what mistakes do you need to look out for.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

A great way to save for and build toward retirement in through your 401(k) at work. That said, some of these common mistakes can cause real issues. On today’s podcast, we discuss possible pitfalls with your 401(k) and how to avoid them. 

What happens when you leave your job? Sometimes people will forget to rollover their 401(k), leaving it behind. Forgotten assets can leave a bit of a mess and lack of coordination between the investments. You might not be as diversified as you think you are when your money is scattered all over.

Have you rebalanced lately? Or are you overly weighted in bonds? Making sure you rebalance on a consistent basis is key. If you have a target date fund, what is the rebalancing process? Sean explains what a target date looks like and how well it fits within your financial plan. Keep in mind that the algorithms of a target date fund are not the same as a custom plan. When is it a good idea to have and when should you be more focused on a custom plan?

When you work with a 401(k) advisor through your job, whose best interests do they really have in mind? They will follow the guidelines set out, but don’t expect a bunch of focus on financial wellness. Your financial advisor is the one thinking through creating a cohesive and custom plan for you.

Finally, are you assuming the 401(k) fees are minimal? Just because they can be hard to find on a statement does not mean you aren’t paying fees on a 401(k). What the fees are and the value they bring is important to understand. Are you getting enough value to receive the fee being charged?

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[0:30] – Spring is Sean’s favorite time of year.

[0:58] – Left the job and leave the 401(k) behind?

[3:00] – Are you rebalancing?

[4:23] – How does rebalancing work within a target date fund?

[7:04] – Does the 401(k) planner have our best interest in mind?

[9:08] – Are you assuming fees are minimal?


Looking Back From The Mountaintop

The 401(k) is not a plan. The 401(k) is just a piece to your plan and a tool to use to help get you there.

-Sean Lee


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