Common Reasons People Stick the Wrong Financial Advisor

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Picking the right financial advisor can be one of the most important decisions you make for your retirement, but many times we end up sticking with the wrong person. Many reasons cause can lead to this, but we often justify our decisions with a few common excuses. Let’s look at some of the common ones we hear from clients.

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If you’ve made it to this site, you likely understand the value of a financial advisor or at least want to explore that possibility a little more to see if it makes sense for your personal portfolio. But even when someone understands the importance of an advisor, they might end up sticking with the wrong one for a variety of reasons.

In this episode of Retirement Elevated, Sean Lee addresses some of the most common excuses we’ve heard from clients through the years as to why they continue to stick with their advisor despite concerns and uneasiness.

Making a change is never an easy decision because of relationships formed through the years, and we understand that. But having the correct person aligned with your retirement goals will help you achieve the results you want for yourself and your family. By looking at some of these client excuses, hopefully you’ll be able to decide if a change is needed for your retirement.

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[1:18] – Introducing today’s topic

[2:15] – Excuse 1: “My portfolio hasn’t been great but my advisor has become a close friend.”

[4:02] – Excuse 2: “I don’t always understand everything in my portfolio but money isn’t really my thing.”  

[5:31] – Excuse 3: “We don’t get together often for reviews and my calls don’t get returned. I know they’re probably busy and they’ve been taking care of my parents for years so I know they have my best interests in mind.”

[7:55] – Excuse 4: “They don’t specialize in retirement planning but I’ve been with them for so long so I’ll stick with them.”


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