Developing the Right Financial Plan Takes These Steps

The View From The Pinnacle

Financial planning can take on many forms and your interests might not always be the sole priority. When you work with an advisor, there are steps that every plan needs to include and we’ll discuss those in this episode.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

Have you ever felt like an advisor was more concerned with putting you into a certain investment rather than deciding which products fit your needs best?

Today’s planning isn’t always about personalized structure so it’s important to know which steps need to be taken to ensure proper retirement investing. That’s what we’ll discuss in this episode of Retirement Elevated. Sean Lee has talked to clients about past experiences and wants you to know what to look for during the planning process.He identifies five steps that every financial plan needs to include. It’s a complete approach to planning and it’s the best way to make sure your retirement is enjoyed the way your would like and without worry.  

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[1:46] – What happened to financial planning?

[3:05] – Are expectations being set for you?

[4:09] – Why pure planning is a more comprehensive and personal plan.  

[5:38] – Every financial plan should have five components.

[6:05] – Too many advisors are skipping over the most important part of planning.

[6:33] – We’re always trying to come up with the proper tax strategy.

[7:26] – Healthcare as part of the plan.

[8:25] – True planning is as simple as a one-page plan.

[9:33] – What clients have been prioritizing in their financial plan.


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