Do You Know What Fees and Commissions You’re Paying?

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Have you ever wondered why some advisors get paid in fees while others take commissions from your investments? Today we’ll explain the difference, what you should consider, and why your portfolio expenses are probably higher than you realize.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

Building a strong retirement plan often requires guidance and assistance from an advisor, but how much will that cost you?

If you work with a financial professional or have inquired about it previously, you likely came across different payment structures from person to person. Some people get paid in fees while others take commission. So what’s the difference and what provides you the best value for your money?

Today we take a look at fees and commissions and explain the difference between the two structures on the Retirement Elevated podcast. Sean Lee has always been a strong proponent of getting the best value so he’ll explain the pros and cons of these different advisor options. Plus, do you know expenses you’re carrying in your portfolio. More times than not, clients are underestimating that number.

As we always say, it’s your money and you’ve worked hard for it. Let’s make sure you’re getting the best return for what you’re paying.

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[0:28] – So what are the differences between fees and commissions?

[0:58] – There are two types of fees when working with a fiduciary.

[2:20] – Outside of advisor fees, what are some of the other costs?

[3:59] – Sean’s opinion on fees.

[6:08] – A larger percentage of people than not are paying more in portfolio costs than they realize.


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