Ep 72: Multiple Choice Retirement Quiz

The View From The Pinnacle

From the next few years and into retirement, what’s scaring you? And what do people wish they had done sooner? We ask Sean several questions to help ease your fears by making a plan.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

On today’s podcast, we’re going to quiz Sean on his thoughts about retirement planning in this multiple-choice questionnaire. There’s no right or wrong answer, but there is a lot to learn from a professional’s opinion. Do you agree with him?

What scares the average person the most about retirement? And what scares you the most about retirement? A number of answers are possible, but the question Sean hears the most is if they will run out of money in retirement. He says there’s a bigger question though to consider.

Financially speaking, what scares Sean the most in the next few years —inflation, rising taxes, or stock market volatility? There are a few things that have gone on recently that lead Sean to believe taxes will go up. We’re in a great tax situation right now as a country, but they will likely go up. Is your financial plan ready for that possibility? When it comes to taxes in the future, which tax bracket do you predict you’ll be in retirement?

How much money does the average person need to retire comfortably? Everybody’s going to have a different math problem. It’s all dependent on what your needs are. Don’t get too wrapped up in a specific number.

Finally, which financial items do people wish they had more of: life insurance, Roth IRA, aggressive mutual funds? Most commonly, Sean hears people wish they had put more money into a Roth. They are tax efficient and the money comes out tax-free if you follow the rules. You don’t have to worry about future tax law changes either. Make sure you reach out to a qualified professional for help with your financial plan to ensure you feel confident in what’s to come.   

Listen to the entire episode or skip ahead to a particular quiz question using the timestamps below.

[1:49] – What scares people about retirement?

[3:38] – Which is scarier: inflation, rising taxes, or market volatility?

[5:51] – What tax bracket do people find themselves in during retirement?

[6:03] – Which tax situation best describes people in retirement?

[8:17] – How much money does the average person need saved for retirement?  

[9:52] – What do people wish they had more of?  



Looking Back From The Mountaintop

“Having a clear idea of what you’re going to do with your time in retirement is the harder part for a lot of people.”

-Sean Lee


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