Ep 73: Questionable Financial Advisors

The View From The Pinnacle

Let’s talk through a few types of questionable advisors that you most likely don’t want handling your money or your financial plan. That way, you can find the right advisor instead.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

What are the questionable kinds of financial advisors you should look out for? On today’s podcast we have a bit of fun as we categorize a few different types of advisors you may want to steer clear of.

Who’s that guy with a hammer? If you have an advisor who gives a quick solution right away to solve all your problems, that might be a red flag. He might be offering the same advice to everyone without real strategy or solution customized to your needs.  

Feel like all of the oxygen got sucked out of the room? The financial advisor who is full of stories but not advice and expertise is likely not going to be able to help you. If the advisor is doing most of the talking, they’re not able to understand or hear your problems when they should be doing most of the listening. You want someone with credentials and experience, but after sharing that with you, they should hear from you in the meeting.

What are you looking for in an advisor if they are basically operating out of the trunk of their car? When advisors first get into this industry, they might be willing to do whatever it takes to build their client base. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, but it means you probably aren’t working with someone with a lot of experience. Who’s the right fit for you?

Finally, the non-answerer might be someone to watch out for. It’s one thing if someone doesn’t know the answer right away but then gets back to you. It’s a completely different thing if the advisor dances around the answer and then pivots to something else. If the advisor isn’t telling you the fees or the fundamentals of the plan, that’s a red flag.

Have you seen some of these red flags? Is it time to find the right advisor?

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[0:40] – What are Sean’s Labor Day plans?

[2:40] The guy with a hammer.

[3:49] – The oxygen hog.

[5:40] – The car trunk operator.

[9:29] – The non-answerer.


Looking Back From The Mountaintop

“If you can’t get answers to your questions when it comes to working with an advisor very quickly or about the fundamentals of how the plan works or what the fee structure is going to be–that’s an issue.”

-Sean Lee

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