Episode #11: What Should Your Advisor Be Doing

The View From The Pinnacle

Financial advisors provide all sorts of services, and they have all sorts of designations and certifications. Find the right advisor for your needs.

Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

[1:06] – There are all kinds of advisors with all kinds of designations, and they each have their own views about finances. It’s important to find the right one for your needs. 

[2:23] – Too many people focus on the wrong things when looking for an advisor. They focus on returns rather than the overall process. 

[3:44] – Your advisor’s process is hugely important. You need to make sure their process is right for your situation. 

[4:07] – Think of an advisor like an airline pilot. If you got on a plane and the pilot told you there was an 80 percent chance you would land safely at your destination, you’d probably rush for the exit. Similarly, you wouldn’t work with an advisor who left you with a lot of uncertainty about retirement. 

[5:56] – Sean explains the importance of income planning. You need a clearly defined income plan that uses your different income sources to meet your needs and expenses in retirement. 

[7:09] – Your investment strategy should compliment your income plan. It should match the goals you lay out in your income plan and help you to accomplish them. 

[8:56] – Strategic tax planning is one of the most important pieces of your financial plan. Consider how the IRS will tax your accounts in retirement, and prepare to face the accompanying tax burden.

[10:34] – Your advisor should help you when it comes to healthcare planning. Healthcare costs are going up, and Medicare might not cover your medical needs in retirement.  

[11:26] – Estate planning will help you to smoothly move your assets to your beneficiaries according to your wishes. Your advisor should help you with this process, and put you in touch with an estate planning attorney who will work in congruence with your retirement plan. 

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