Episode #12: The 411 On Retirement Elevated Classes

The View From The Pinnacle

We’re all about financial education at Elevated Retirement Group. Discover how attending one of our classes could help you better prepare for retirement.

Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

[1:25] – About five years ago, we created a five-hour class called “Retirement Elevated.” It started when Sean’s mom got tired of receiving mailers to attend dinner seminars. We wanted to create a no-pressure environment in which folks could learn more about planning for retirement. Our classes meet at public libraries and universities, and they’re focused on educating you about the retirement process.

[2:34] – Five hours seems like a long time, but it’s really just enough to scratch the surface without making your eyes glaze over. We want to give you a starting point to build upon in your journey toward retirement.

[3:40] – Our classes cover five areas of financial planning. One of those areas is income planning. In retirement, we want to make sure you have the consistent, monthly income you need to live the lifestyle you want to achieve.

[4:40] – Another important area we focus on is investing. We don’t try to push any particular products on you. Instead, we cover each of the different types of investment products you might encounter and discuss some of their benefits and drawbacks.

[5:40] – Healthcare planning is huge. We want to protect your nest egg, and nothing can attack a portfolio quicker than rising healthcare costs. Healthcare is expensive, and we want you to be prepared.

[6:15] – Don’t forget about taxes. We spend time in each of our classes covering the tax implications of your investing decisions. It’s not enough to prepare your taxes every April. We want you to plan ahead and save on taxes in retirement.

[6:53] – Estate planning is the last major area we cover in our classes. We usually have an attorney to come in for this portion of the class. After all, we want you to hear from the experts.

[7:00] – We want to help you find an advisor. Different advisors have different qualifications and fee structures. We want to you to work with someone who will represent your best interest.

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