Financial Lessons We Can Learn From Flying

The View From The Pinnacle

Think about the last time you took a flight? You got from point a to point b as you planned, but did you stop to think about what it took to get you there? That’s the same with financial planning and reaching our final retirement destination. There are many lessons we can take away from flying and we’ll share those on this episode.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

You might not think much about the similarities between flying and retirement planning, but there are some important parallels.

Let’s talk about those today on the Retirement Elevated podcast with Sean Lee. From the pre-flight routine and building a flight plan to what happens in the air on your way to the destination, we’ll explain what each stage has to do with investing and building a retirement plan.

You wouldn’t get on a plane that only had an 85% chance to land safely at its destination so why would you build a plan that didn’t give you the best change to retire with confidence? That’s why we’re taking you through this analogy and hopefully you’ll look at flying (and retiring) in a different light.

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[0:22] – Baseball tryouts going on for Sean’s son.  

[2:04] – Talking today about what flying teaches about retirement. First, you have to have a flight plan.

[4:49] – Turbulence affects everyone differently much like volatility.

[8:03] – The market continues to bounce back no matter how many times it gets knocked.

[9:18] – Pilots can’t do it all alone. They need help from air traffic control.


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