Financial Truths (In a World Full of Financial Fear)

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What kind of financial truths can you depend on? Where have you fallen for some of the fear or myths floating around in the financial world? With so much uncertainty in the market right now, let’s discuss the truths you can build your plan on. 

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When you make financial decisions, are you making it based on financial truths? Are you able to keep composure and follow you plans amidst fearful surroundings?

Financial media is often driven by ratings and by fear. There’s a difference between financial marketing and financial science. Make sure that anything you hear on tv or the radio is talked about one-on-one with an advisor in order to get the details for your specific situation.

Emotions can be a powerful and important part of life, but there are times when emotions can get the best of us. Make sure your emotions stay in check and have a voice of reason when you need to check to make sure you’re following your plan.

One thing that can play with our emotions is the market. While market volatility can be stressful, try not to get too caught up in market timing. Allocation is an incredibly important aspect in your plan, so be sure to allocate according to your needs and situation. Know what your bottom-line pain point is though, because most of us are less risk tolerant than we think.

Finally, there’s no magic bullet or end-all-be-all when it comes to a financial plan. It’s a process to set up a system that works for you. Make sure to meet with professionals and an advisor that can help you create the best strategy for you.

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[1:57] – Is the media our biggest enemy when it comes to finances?

[6:32] – Emotions are rarely your friend when making financial decisions.

[8:21] – The market will always move.

[10:17] – Are you actually risk tolerant?

[12:36] – There is no magic bullet for your financial plan.


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