Focus On What You Can Control

The View From The Pinnacle

Ask yourself, as an investor, what can you control? Starting with acknowledging what you can and cannot control will help you make better decisions and worry less when it comes to your investments.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

[3:50] What can we control as investors?

  • The things you can control are how you act and how you plan. Use the plan to help keep you in check.
  • You also control your timeline in terms of when you will pull your money out of your accounts.

[6:37] What about risk?

  • Sean shares with us some of the best ways to evaluate how much risk is appropriate for your situation
  • How much risk will you take? That’s something you can decide for yourself.
  • In order for plans to be successful, you have to commit to your goals.

[8:31] Control your panic level

  • Every investment might need adjustments, but you don’t want to jump around without a strategy. You need room to wiggle in your plan so that you can adapt and evolve.
  • Look at the things you can control and alleviate the pressure on the things you cannot control. For instance, there’s a possibility that taxes can change in the future, but you can look forward and strategize.

Looking Back From The Mountaintop

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