Football and Financial Planning

The View From The Pinnacle

Touchdown! We’re taking a short break from Sean’s love of baseball to talk football analogies and how it relates to retirement.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

Football is back! So, let’s talk about a few football terms and how they can also apply to your finances. Do you have a proper game plan in place? Are you looking to a coach for guidance with your finances? 

In football, the red zone is the last 20 yards before a touchdown. This is where mistakes made can feel more glaring. Same with the time right before retirement, the mistakes can hurt more. The last five to ten years before retirement are crucial. Do you have a strategy put in place that is right for you and fits your needs?

Are you trying to make up for lost time? As you get closer to retirement, the plays are different than when you had several more years ahead of you. The hurry up offense may not be the strategy you want to depend on for your financial plan.

When the winning team has the lead, they may take the victory formation at the end of the game to preserve the ball and stay in the lead. Once you’ve done all the work before retirement, you want to make sure to solidify your victory. How much risk should you really take if you have what you need for retirement?

Lastly, are you working with a coach? Financial advisors are there to help guide you through, from setting up a game plan to preparing you for the financial move next ahead of you. Not only do you want a coach, but a good coach who can be there for you consistently over the years. Are you ready for game day? 

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[0:29] – Sean shares where his football loyalty lies.

[1:35] – What is the financial red zone? 

[4:29] – Is the hurry up offense a good strategy?

[6:10] – What’s the victory formation?

[9:20] – Coaches can make a huge difference. 


Looking Back From The Mountaintop

There’s no reason to try to run up the score or get a few extra yards when you’ve already won.

-Sean Lee


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