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As we transition into the next phase in Utah, how is the Elevated Retirement Group shifting and responding? What should you expect in the office and what kind of safety precautions are taking place?

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Utah just opened up some of the restrictions which means more options at work (and more baseball!). So, what does this mean for Sean’s team? How are they keeping safe and adjusting to the next phase during coronavirus?

Going from all virtual meetings to some in-person will take time. Employees will begin to work in the office, but the majority of meetings will continue to be virtual for the time being in order to keep families and clients safe. If you do come to the office, masks will be required and hand sanitizer will be available. Meetings will be spaced out to provide ample time between clients in order to sanitize the office.

What other ways will social distancing be maintained within the office? Sean shares the different ways that the office will be set up for use. Ultimately, this may be a bit inconvenient, but if it allows everyone to feel comfortable and safe, then it’s worth it.

Regardless, Sean and his team are still available to meet (even if primarily virtually) and will continue to provide financial reviews and help you achieve your financial goals.

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[0:28] – What is happening at the office?

[3:27] – Virtual meetings will continue.

[4:17] – Masks will be worn in the office.

[5:21] – Social distancing will be maintained.

[6:02] – This may be inconvenient, but we want to do everything we can to keep safe.


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