How to Find the Right Advisor

The View From The Pinnacle

One of the most important parts of creating a financial plan involves working with the right financial advisor. How do you know you’re working with the right advisor for you? Join us as we lay out some of the criteria that needs to be high on your list.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

On today’s episode, Sean wants to share more of his thoughts from a market perspective when it comes to finding the right advisor. Does your advisor work well with you and suit your financial planning needs?

Are you looking for the advisor that is actually right for you? It’s not a matter of whose office is closest to you or who sent you a dinner seminar invite. Don’t get bogged down by the wrong advisor, instead find the right advisor for your unique situation.

How do you find the right advisor? As your life changes, how do you transition to the advisor who focuses on what you need? The stay at home and quarantine situation with COVID has forced us all to rethink our possibilities and values. What are the values of your advisor and do they match yours?

What phase of life are you in? Is it time to readjust your game plan? Find someone who specializes in your phase of life. Then consider what is most important that you find in an advisor. Is your advisor utilizing technology well?

It’s important to have clearly defined plan in today’s environment. Do you have a plan and an advisor that’s right for you?

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[0:45] – Are you looking for the advisor who is best?

[3:39] – How do you find the right advisor?

[4:45] – What phase of life are you in?

[6:13] – What is important to you with an advisor?

[8:03] – What kind of technology is available with your advisor?


Looking Back From The Mountaintop

You should be looking for the advisor that is right for your situation, not the advisor that is closest to you geographically, not the advisor that sent a dinner seminar invite, or you heard on the radio. Proactively look for an advisor right for your situation.  -Sean Lee


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