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On the show this week, Mike Sorrentino joins us to talk about the current status of the market, a second wave of coronavirus, and how it all might play together in the second half of the year.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

Right now, the market is facing a paradox of sorts–we’ve never seen numbers like this. Mike Sorrentino, Retirement Elevated CIO, talks with Sean today about the numbers he’s been watching as well as where we’re potentially headed on today’s episode of the Retirement Elevated Podcast.

From unemployment numbers to a lack of travel, the data has shown staggeringly low numbers reflected in the economy. Yet, the stock market keeps going up. Why don’t these numbers seem to correlate?

Mike shares what the market numbers mean as well as where the economic numbers come from. While it’s caused a lot of confusion and a steep economic downturn, does it mean we are in a recession now or is it already over?

If you watch certain trends that Mike points out, it might make more sense than you think. That said, just last week we experienced massive volatility and spikes in coronavirus cases. Are we headed for another correction? What if we face a second wave with the virus? Is this an opportunity for your financial plan?

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[1:28] – What’s going on with the state of the market?

[2:32] – Why are the markets continuing to run while the economy is so bad?

[4:21] – Could this recession be over before it even begins?

[6:13] – What are the trends that support this theory?

[8:30] – Last week experienced massive volatility and spikes in coronavirus cases, are we in for another correction?


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