Taking Out the Trash From Your Portfolio

The View From The Pinnacle

When was the last time you looked through your financial portfolio and got rid of the things you no longer need? As you move closer to retirement, your strategies will change and adjustments need to follow. So let’s look at four areas that you might considering trashing from your portfolio.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

When you see something around the house that you aren’t using anymore, what do you do with it? You throw it out of course.

The same needs to happen with your finances. It’s never a bad time to look over your entire portfolio and see if there are any investments or strategies that need to be ditched. On this episode of the Retirement Elevated podcast, Sean Lee will identify four different items that you might consider trash for your retirement.

On the list today is:

  • Debt
  • Risk
  • Lazy Money
  • Bad Advisors

We’ll tell you why each of these could be stinking up your retirement plan and how you need to handle them moving forward.

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[1:02] – What do we mean by taking out the trash?

[1:23] – Debt is the first thing to get rid of.

[3:03] – Reducing risk is a good idea as you approach retirement.

[4:52] – ‘Lazy money’ – this money isn’t doing much for you so move it to a place that will

[7:13] – Getting rid of someone that’s not working for you and looking out more for their own pocket.


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