What Can You Expect From a Virtual Meeting With Us?

The View From The Pinnacle

With new social norms, Sean and his team have continued to adapt. What does it look like to meet with a financial advisor virtually? We’ll take you through the process and what you can expect on today’s show.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

Last year, when COVID first hit and everyone went virtual, that was a trying time for everyone. As this norm of working from home continues, what kind of opportunities has it enabled when it comes to working with your financial planner?

More and more of Sean’s clients have found that these virtual meetings have been a more effective way to meet than before COVID. How can you get the benefits of the same experience with Sean and his team, even while virtual? What key changes have been implemented on staff?

How can you see your financial advisor in the setting that you’re used to? Video cameras and extension mics have been added so that you should be able to see and hear your financial advisor as clearly as can be. An extra emphasis has been placed on technology so that you are able to focus on the financial information and education you need to make the right decisions.

Just because we’re in a pandemic, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t plan for retirement. In fact, your concerns and need for a financial plan might be amplified during this time. As a firm, Sean and his team are continuing to offer financial planning and meeting with clients virtually.

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[0:39] – What’s Sean’s least favorite time of year?

[1:23] – How have virtual meetings opened up new opportunities? 

[3:14] What has the practice done to ensure the experience is the same?

[4:53] – What technology changes have been made?

[7:06] – Retirement and planning concerns are still prevalent, even in a pandemic.


Looking Back From The Mountaintop

We want to make sure that, first and foremost, we’re providing clean, unbiased, and fact-based information and education. We have to be able to follow a process to help you make sound financial decisions.

-Sean Lee


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