Why a Portfolio is Not a Plan

The View From The Pinnacle

How effective is a portfolio that isn’t working in conjunction with a plan? If you’re just looking at the numbers in your accounts but not considering how that’s complimenting the other pieces to your plan, it’s not much more than speculation. This week we discuss why having a collection of financial products isn’t the same as having a plan.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

So you’ve built up a pretty nice retirement portfolio. Years of saving and investing generated nice growth and has you feeling pretty good about where you are in terms of retirement. But is that enough?

If you’ve constructed your portfolio without a plan, you might not be as far along as you think. Doing this really doesn’t have a goal other than to beat other people’s portfolios. While that can feel nice, it doesn’t help you get to a position that fits your needs in retirement.

Today on the Retirement Elevated podcast, Sean Lee will explain the importance of having a holistic plan and an advisor to keep you on track with your decision-making. Having someone to help manage your plan can add significant value, which Sean will explain with three reasons. On the flip side, a financial advisor can’t do everything and we’ll tell you three things that they aren’t able to help you with.

If you haven’t taken a step back and examined your entire financial plan, we hope this episode will give you the motivation to do that now.

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[0:28] – Who is Sean pulling for in the World Series?

[1:27] – What do we mean by ‘portfolio is not a plan’?

[3:00] – You need a gameplan going into and having someone to help you with that is crucial.

[4:46] – An advisor add significant value to a portfolio or a plan in three ways.

[7:30] – What about some of the things that an advisor CAN’T do?

[9:44] – When looking at planning, look at it from a holistic perspective.  


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