Will These News Headlines Matter for Your Finances in 2020?

The View From The Pinnacle

No matter where you get your news, a few different storylines continue to dominate the headlines when it comes to finances in 2020. Let’s discuss three of the biggest topics of conversation this year and try to help you determine whether or not it matters for your retirement plan.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

It sure seems like 2020 is set up to be an incredible busy year from a news perspective. We’re only a month in and it feels like a major story comes out every week.

While all the news can feel a bit overwhelming, not all of it has an impact on the market or your finances. What we are curious about on this episode is will the expected storylines of 2020 actually matter to you? We say expected because each of these should be a popular topic of conversation wherever finances are discussed.

We’ll start with the 2020 election. You’d have to be living under a rock to not be aware of the elections and the candidates involved. We’ve heard some concern from clients that the market could swing significantly based on the result, but is that true? Sean Lee will talk about how past elections have impacted investing and give his thoughts on whether it’ll matter for your retirement plan.

Then we’ll move to the healthcare market. Few things have impacted Americans quite like health insurance and prices continue to fluctuate. One of the most common mistakes people make when planning for retirement is failing to factor in the cost of healthcare. We’ll discuss the current state of this industry and what it might mean for you.

And finally, we’ll wrap it up with a discussion on Social Security. There’s plenty of uncertainty out there about whether or not it’s going broke. Regardless of what you hear, there’s always a chance of change and that needs to be a consideration.

There’s plenty to talk about so let’s get going. Listen to the full episode or click on the timestamps below to hear a specific segment.

[0:58] – Our main topic today is ‘Does it Matter?’

[1:21] – 1st storyline: The 2020 presidential election. How much will this matter for investors?

[3:56] – Historically, the market doesn’t have a significant reaction to the election. Are we in different times now?

[6:05] – 2nd Storyline: The health insurance marketplace.

[7:23] – What are the options for people that retire before the age of 65?

[8:46] – 3rd Storyline: Social Security and the uncertainty.  

[12:12] – People often keep Social Security separate from their plan but it should all be a part of your retirement plan.



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