Reasons Why People Don’t Visit With An Advisor

Not everyone has a financial advisor they know and trust. It can be scary to trust a financial advisor, especially when it comes to your nest egg. Sean talks about how he builds trust with clients and what it takes to find the right fit. You want to find someone who can create a financial plan that you are willing to follow and feel confident about.

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Ep 73: Questionable Financial Advisors

What are the questionable kinds of financial advisors you should look out for? On today’s podcast we have a bit of fun as we categorize a few different types of advisors you may want to steer clear of.

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Famous Last Words (You Don’t Want to Say About Retirement!)

“Hey, watch this!” is probably not the last phrase you want to utter in life. Likewise, let’s consider these phrases you often hear in the financial world that you don’t want to be saying in case something goes wrong. Talking through the good and bad will help prepare your mindset and your money for retirement. 

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