Why We Aren’t Panicking About The Economy

During uncertain times, you may feel uncertain about your finances and the economy. Sean shares why he isn’t panicked right now to help you also feel more confident about the future.

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Will These News Headlines Matter for Your Finances in 2020?

No matter where you get your news, a few different storylines continue to dominate the headlines when it comes to finances in 2020. Let’s discuss three of the biggest topics of conversation this year and try to help you determine whether or not it matters for your retirement plan.

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Financial Lessons We Can Learn From Flying

Think about the last time you took a flight? You got from point a to point b as you planned, but did you stop to think about what it took to get you there? That’s the same with financial planning and reaching our final retirement destination. There are many lessons we can take away from flying and we’ll share those on this episode.

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