Ep 82: The Financial Planning Process

What can you expect when going through the planning process when working with a financial advisor? Sean explains the process at Elevated Retirement Group and how it helps his clients reach their financial goals.

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Thing’s You’ll Learn Along Today’s Journey

When you work with a financial advisor, you want to make sure their process aligns with your needs and goals. How can you know if the advisor is right for you and will be able to suit your style? On today’s podcast, we talk through the warning signs you should watch out for as well as how the process can look when working with someone you trust.

To start, is your financial advisor putting together a thorough plan that’s customized to you? Or do they seem more focused on the products they want to sell you? If the product recommendations come out too early, or they overlook your unique beliefs, values, and desires then they might not be the right advisor to work with. Your priorities are key to developing a plan. Then, it’s important to realize the pros and cons of any decision you make instead of just telling you everything is either good or bad.

Instead of that experience, what can you expect for the financial planning process at Elevated Retirement Group? Sean says the process is methodical and stays the same, which allows for individuals and families to make decisions that are unique to them. The whole process is clearly defined and written out so everyone has clear expectations along the way.

The first discussion is a strategy session to talk about your goals, beliefs, and desires. What do you want out of an advisor? What’s most important about money to you, and what do you want to accomplish? After talking through that together, the advisors will explain how the relationship with them works. Next comes the evaluation meeting. Instead of looking at changes or adjustments, this will give projections on how things will go if it continues as it is now. This allows everyone to see what’s going well, where there is concern, and where adjustments can be made.

The plan put together at Elevated Retirement Group is all based on the needs and wants of the individual or family they are meeting with. There’s no bias or agenda toward an annuity or mutual fund or life insurance—ultimately, their job is to create the framework of a plan to help you make well-thought-out and informed decisions about where to put your money.

If you need to go through a planning process like this, reach out to Sean and his team at Elevated Retirement Group.

Listen to the full episode or skip ahead using the timestamps below to hear more about the planning process.

[0:30] How do we feel about this year’s Super Bowl?

[1:33] What signs show an advisor is overly focused on selling?

[2:35] What information are they gathering about you?

[2:54] Are they pointing out the good and the bad?

[3:41] What’s the process at Retirement Elevated?

[5:40] What improvements have Sean made in the planning process?

[6:58] What advice would Sean give his former self?

[8:42] Is there something unique about the experience working with Retirement Elevated?


Looking Back From The Mountaintop

“Our process stays the same—it’s boring, it’s methodical—but it allows for individuals and families to make decisions that are unique to them and make decisions based on facts and logic, rather than the emotions of money.”

-Sean Lee


Important Ages in Retirement

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Financial Fill in the Blank

Let’s play a game of fill-in-the-blank with Sean to see how he would finish off these financial statements. What will the market do to you? What’s the best way to set yourself up for success in retirement? What’s the biggest financial mistake retirees make?



For over a decade, Sean Lee has helped families reach and maintain their financial goals. As a trusted advisor, he coaches and assists his clients with their financial goals by focusing on the fundamentals and takes a practical and personal approach when working with them.

As a trusted professional in Utah, Sean has been featured in The Wall Street Journal’s Market Watch, The Deseret News, The Salt Lake Tribune and USA Today. He has also been featured as a local financial advisor on Utah’s NBC station, KSL 5.

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